Ditch the doldrums, dive right in and immerse yourself in the (very often colourful) graphic language indigenous to the once tropical peninsula of Scotland. This gallery of my personal graphic art manifests a place where strange things have been known to materialise out of nothing. Ideas that wouldn’t normally see the light of day are on show here. Where random thoughts about mostly trivial nonsense, coalesce from mental debris floating around in the aether, to form something vaguely tangible.

This visual Valhalla goes by the name of Goodjolt. Mainly because of the residual build-up of static in the air from climbing the walls. Needless to say, visitors here needn’t embark on a perilous journey afloat a blazing Viking ship. As far as ancient myths go, I’d much rather navigate the vast abyss of the internet aboard some form of electronic procrastination vessel. The scenic route tends to be wherever the current takes you.

Alas there are no Norse narratives here but as legend has it, graphic goodness roams free. Imagine landing on a wee patch of pixels perhaps, dotted on the immense revolving expanse of a celestial disco ball, hurtling through an unfathomable cyberspace. This might even be that elusive mystical realm where socks disappear to – where odd is the norm. Who knows?

Enjoy your visit!