By day, Barry McCabe is a Graphic Designer immersed in the (very often colourful) graphic language indigenous to the tropical island of Scotland. This wee virtual gallery however, manifests his personal creative space where strange things have been known to materialize out of nothing.

This visual Valhalla goes by the name of Goodjolt. Visitors here needn’t embark on a perilous journey afloat a burning Viking ship. That would be a bit extreme and a little too toasty – even for a marshmallow! If you’re already here, you’ve most likely navigated the vast abyss of the internet aboard some form of electronic procrastination vessel. There are no Norse narratives here, but there is the plentiful, nutritious bounty of graphic goodness. Graphic art, design, illustration and typography are all native species of this scenic uncharted territory.

Admittedly, Goodjolt isn’t the best name in the world for any creative oasis. But hey, it could have been worse, since it is a much nicer way of saying, ‘kick up the backside’. Something the magic formula of graphic design should always imbue; engaging people by making sensory and emotive connections, burgeoning neural circuitry that follows the path of least resistance, from eyes – to brain – to reaction. Setting neurons ablaze and ultimately (hopefully!) sparking a positively charged response.

Enjoy your visit!